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Welcome to the Harry Oliver archive! But there's more here than just HO/DRSB stuff. Below are a few sets of more-or-less related goodies.

We need your contributions of memorabilia, images and texts to fill in the holes. [hint, hint...] Join the Desert Rat Scrap Book discussion group and post or upload your treasures there.   Enjoy —Ric

 What a Desert Rat!

Desert Scenes of California

Desert Scenes of California

DESERT: This vast enchanted area covers thousands of square miles. What was once a land of torture and hardship to those who tried to cross it is now the nation's playground. Characterized by strange mountain formations, crazily shaped rocks, vari-colored sands and covered by cactus and desert flowers. Where once were only meager trails, lined with the skeletons of those hardy miners and travelers who dared to traverse them are now fine high speed paved roads (though the gas stations are few and far apart). Many famous hotels and dude ranches are found in this land, accommodations are of the best, facilities for enjoyment of every kind are everywhere.

Manufactured by Longshaw Card Co., Los Angeles, Calif.

Arrowhead and Yucca
"The American Sahara"
Desert Creosote Bush
Ocotillo in Bloom
Yucca in Bloom
Typical Dude Ranch
Sahuaro & Buckhorn Cactus
Desert Cholla Cactus
Cactus at Red Rock Canyon
Desert Joshua Trees
Death Valley, California
Mt San Jacinto, Calif.

Scenic Grandeur of the West

Scenic Grandeur of the West. San Francisco: The National Color Press, 1943. Small 4to. Stiff tan pictorial folder housing 15 of 16 color prints. Very good/near fine. Probable sole edition of this set of prints depicting "points of interest along Southern Pacific Lines." A handsome set.

(These great images are from papers gen­er­ously con­tri­buted by Patricia Burns and MANY THANKS!)

Scenic Grandeur of the West
Daylight Limited, San Francisco and Los Angeles
Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, California
Palm Springs, California
Oil Wells Near Santa Barbara
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. (from Yerba Buena Island)
Cypress Point, Monterrey
Half Dome Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park
Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
Streamliner City of San Francisco Crossing Salt Lake
Giant Cactus, Arizona
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
San Joaquin Daylight on Tehachapi Loop, Southern Pacific Lines
Union Station, Los Angeles
Homes of Ancient Cliff Dwellers, Arizona
Roosevelt Dam, Arizona
Sunset Limited to California

Disneyland: Tom Sawyer Island

In my Southern California youth, my family would travel the few miles from Pomona to Knotts Berry Farm (Buena Park) at least once a month, because there was no admission charge. Of course I frequented the Print Shop, to peruse Desert Rat Scrap Books and other wonderful paper stuff. We'd go the same distance to Disneyland (Anaheim) maybe twice a year, because it WASN'T free. And I rarely had money for rides. But I could crawl all over Tom Sawyer Island for many hours at no extra cost. And I did, because it was FUN!

(These great images are from papers gen­er­ously con­tri­buted by Patricia Burns and MANY THANKS!)

Tom Sawyer Island Brochure
Tom Sawyer Island Map

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