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Welcome to the Harry Oliver archive! But there's more here than just HO/DRSB stuff. Below are a cartload of more-or-less related goodies. As usual, click away to jump to further treasures — links to bigger pictures or collections, searches or archives, etc..

We need your contributions of memorabilia, images and texts to fill in the holes. [hint, hint...] Join the Desert Rat Scrap Book discussion group and post or upload your treasures there.   Enjoy —Ric


Miscellaneous Goodies
Stereo Study (MAD Magazine)
OUT WEST #5 and #7
OutWest5:312k OutWest7:297k
Gold Gulch calaboose
sorry, no blowup
Disneyland & Palomares
Tom Sawyer:62k Palomares:69k
California History Nugget
CalHist01:77k CalHist25:92k
Spanish Heraldry
Dick Wick Hall
Dick Wick Hall
Dick Wick Hall Cafe
in Salome AZ

DWH Cafe: 55k
Greetings from Virginia City
Virginia City:300k
two bright covers
NoTouch:21k Pioneer:49k
The Duke
Bret Harte Tales
Mother Lode

Cattle Drive
Romance of the Hiways
Ghost Towns
 Sorry, no blowup
Pack Burro Race

(These great images are from papers gen­er­ously con­tri­buted by Patricia Burns and MANY THANKS!)

Scenic Grandeur
(see the whole set)

Hopalong Cassady and product
Hoppy1:211k Hoppy2:184k
Minatree Dancer:
"Dog Soldier"


EXPLORE FURTHER: Google for Calico Ghost Town and Ghost Town News and Shorty Harris and Desert Magazine and Harold & Lucile Weight and Dick Wick Hall and Artemus Ward and John Phoenix and Dan De Quille

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