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Welcome to the Harry Oliver archive! But there's more here than just HO/DRSB stuff. Below are a few images of Calico and other ghost towns, various (south)Western humor and lore, and related goodies.

We need your contributions of memorabilia, images and texts to fill in the holes. [hint, hint...] Join the Desert Rat Scrap Book discussion group and post or upload your treasures there.   Enjoy —Ric

 Calico Is Where You Find It

Knotts / Calico Stuff

Walter Knott and his Ghost Town theme parks in Buena Park and Calico reinforced many of the popular images and storylines of the Old West. As I accumulate more such images, they'll reside here. Stay tuned.

Calico guidebook: cover
Calico1: 72k
Calico guidebook: back cover
Calico2: 71k
Walter Knott:
Keeper Of The Flame

WKnott: 81k
Visit Beautiful Calico
CalicAd: 69k
Calico guide front & back covers
front:232k back:249k
Ghost Town News cover
GTNews: 185k
Calico miner medals
Calico miner medals
Maggie Mine, Calico Ghost Town
Ghost Town News cover
Knotts Ghost Town:
Artist's Conception

Knotts Ghost Town:
The Jersey Lilly

Knotts Ghost Town:
Calico Saloon


Search here for MUCH more on Knotts Berry Farm.

These Knotts images (and more misc­el­leny - look here) are from papers gen­er­ously con­tri­buted by Patricia Burns - MANY THANKS!

Knotts Guide Book
KnottsGB: 262k
Map to Knotts
KnottsMap: 452k

The following Calico / Knotts images were contributed by Dave Thompson (MANY THANKS!!) whose young face appears in some - and when I get that damned Round Tuit I'll append his emailed notes to each one. I promise! And I'll append attributions to all the contributions, soon as I get straightened out.

Ghost Town or Bust
Bust: 50k
(click here for big: 405k)
Knotts Diggins
Diggins: 71k
(click here for big: 362k)
Visit Beautiful GhostTown
GhostTownAd: 80k
Knotts Ghost Town:
Calico Saloon

(click here for big: 380k)
Famous Sayings
in Ghost Town

(click here for big: 600k)
Ghost Town
Designer Obit

  Calico, April 1958

Calico, April 1958 - #1
Calico, April 1958 - #2
Calico, April 1958 - #3

Calico History Photos
Walter Knott

These Calico images were scanned from an 1960 CALICO PRINT broadsheet produced by the Weights (see below) for Knott. Read the text! (excerpts here)

Calico In Its Heyday
Calico Before Restoration
Partly Restored (1957)
Calico Restored (1960)
Dorsey the Mail Dog
Calico Schoolhouse
Calico Bottle House
Yung Hen's Hostelry
"Cousin Jack" Shack
The Maggie Mine
Silver King Mine
Silver King Mine
Red Cloud Mine
Calico canyon
Occidental Canyon

Calico Color Post Cards
Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

Calico Prints & the Weights

Harold and Lucile Weight emitted vast amounts of material on the Old West. Their periodical CALICO PRINT (published in TwentyNine Palms) (no connection to Knott's Calico Ghost Town) was a treasure trove of historical nuggets, and I'll be looking for these and more. Meanwhile, here are a few covers:

Lost Ship Of The Desert
Read the texts!
Calico Print broadsheet
Read the text! (excerpts here)
JT Cattle Brands
Read the text!
Calico Print #86 front & back cover
front:82k back:105k
Calico Print #87 front & back cover
front:82k back:110k
Calico Print #91 front & back cover
front:79k back:112k
Calico Print #92 front & back cover
front:89k back:889k
Calico Print #95 front & back cover
front:79k back:112k
Another & 20-Mule Team Days & Lost Mines
sorry, no blowup 20 Mules (by Harold Weight):291k Lost Mines (by Harold Weight):366k

EXPLORE FURTHER: Google for Calico Ghost Town & Ghost Town News & Shorty Harris & Desert Magazine & Harold & Lucile Weight & Dick Wick Hall & Artemus Ward & John Phoenix & Dan De Quille

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