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Welcome to the Harry Oliver archive! Below, you'll find images from various material by and about the Old Mirage Salesman.
Expect this archive to grow as more contributions arrive, as more dusty piles are dug into, as more packrats relinquish their hauls, as more old-timers cash in their chips, etc.
We need your contributions of memorabilia, images and texts [both Oliverish and non-Harryish] to fill in the holes. [hint, hint...] YOU should join the Desert Rat Scrap Book discussion group and post or upload your goodies there.   Enjoy —Ric
 Who's the best liar?

Misc Oliveriana Gallery
"The Desert Rat Prospector hunting
for the Lost Peg-Leg Gold Mine
near Palm Springs" (bigger scan)

 Photo by Gayle's Studio, Palm Springs, Calif.

Whisker Contest poster
whiskers: 15k
"'Lena' The Horned Toad
(Phrynosoma)" postcard

postcard 37k
Pick & Oliver Circus poster
circus: 19k
(nothing to click)
Peg Leg Smith gold map
gold map: 33k
Peg Leg Smith Plaque
PegLeg plaque: 35k
Peg Leg Liar's Contest (and bigger: 700k)
gold map: 46k
I'm a Liar Too
Liars Certificate: 26k
Liar's Contest poster
ghost: 9k

Harry Oliver with pegleg (1950s?)

Harry51: 30k
1950: In the canteen with
Jane Russell & Bob Hope

canteen: 216k

Litterbag by Walt Disney
litterbag: 182k
Paul Palmer & Harry Oliver
Harry & Paul: 47k
Jane Russell reads DRSB
J.Russell: 51k
Harry Oliver's dog Whiskers
Whiskers: 36k
Harry, distinguished
Harry1: 56k
Harry and woody
Harry2: 39k
Harry, relaxed
Harry3: 54k
Correspondence from Harry Oliver
letter1: 54k letter2: 48k
Column about Harry
column: 14k
Desert County secessionist button
seccession: 20k
In my callow youth at Old Fort Oliver
OFO1: 122k OFO1: 127k
click for pic 1 big or pic 2 big (1.1 mb)

George Lindblade Photos

Harry at Fort Oliver
harry/ft: 150k

DRSB Paste-Up
paste-up: 147k

Harry at Fort Oliver
harry/ft: 115k

Harry and Comma,
proofreading cat

harry/comma: 125k

Harry at Fort Oliver
harry/ft: 175k

Harry with wheels
harry/car: 153k

Harry's OSCAR Nominations
harry/cert: 129k

Harry and Charles Farrell,
director of STREET ANGEL

harry/fr: 166k

Harry and Charles Farrell
harry/car: 136k

The Good Earth 181k

Harry with statue
harry/stat: 121k

CineMania re: Witch House 156k
George R Lindblade kindly sent the above photos (and MANY THANKS!) He writes:
"Harry Oliver was a friend of mine and I had the pleasure of spending time with him at Old Fort Oliver in the early 60's and taking his photos. Many of these photos were published in Coronet Magazine. He is shown with his Academy Award Nominations, his cat "Comma" and friend Charles Farrell, whose film "Street Angel" earned Oliver an Academy Award nomination for Art Direction. Also shown is the scale and type style Oliver established for the Good Earth, for which he was also nominated... Copies are for sale." We're waiting for George's stories, eh?

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